Today's Modern Office

VR Vignettes

Take a little bit of your precious leisure time to experience the mythical quote-unquote “Future of Work” in this evolving, collaborative, user-generated VR installation and episodic video series. It's part speculative sci-fi, part slapstick comedy, part durational performance.


See that vast, infinite white void? Welcome to your new office. So comfortable. So spacious. It’s like if Jony Ive designed the matrix. Time to get to work! I’ll be honest with you. The pay isn’t great and the hours are long. But the work is rewarding, and you’re making all sorts of new friends: There’s the pesky drones who are always trying to steal your coffee, those lovable scamps! There’s the family of helpful, Alexa-style personal assistants (called “Data Droplets”). A herd of electric sheep. A rare board game from your childhood. A mysterious, tiny man encased in a block of ice.

Like they always say: “find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Or, alternatively, “meh, it’s a livin’!”

It’s an open world sandbox that takes place entirely at a single desk. It’s “Work/Life Balance: The Game”. It’s like an MMORPG, only nobody else is online, and you just have to wander the world alone, searching for traces of other humans.


The project borrows from both the internet aesthetics of “Let’s Play” videos, tech demos, tutorials, unboxing videos, and “productivity hacks”, as well as from the slapstick sensibility of a silent-film comedy or Looney Tunes cartoon. And by doing so, it explores a particular contemporary moment: A time of anxiety, awkwardness, and unease. It’s a time where the tools that promised to enlighten, connect, and secure us have been weaponized to confuse, alienate, and make our future more tenuous (and is that a feature or a bug?). How do we navigate this terrain? Is it possible to still find moments of expressiveness, connection, and poetry within these confines? Can we imagine a sci-fi future that privileges personhood over productivity, empathy over efficiency, and is that future even possible, or instead just something you’ll only ever be able to experience as a simulation.


Monday evening still life drawing 🍎🍊🍇🌿💀🌍📕📘🔥

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