Hi. I'm Chris. I’m a new media artist based in Chicago where I’m a lecturer at The School of the Art Institute and The University of Illinois Chicago. I’ve shown extensively both in the states and abroad (view my CV here), including the Museum of the Moving Image, The MusieumsQuartier in Vienna, The Goethe Institut, The Nueberger Museum, The MCA, MDW, CAC, CS13, WFMU, WLPN, SFMOMA(’s blog), and other places both with and without acronyms. My work has been written about in the New York Times, as well as on Rock Paper Shotgun, Rhizome, and others.

I’m infinitely fascinated in networked technologies as a cultural force and as a site of many inherent contradictions: a place of beauty and banality, of empowerment and surveillance, of connection and commodification. My work sits at this intersection, attempting to find poetry, humor, and logic from within this awkward squirm of digital culture. 

You can find me elsewhere on the internet. I always enjoy receiving a nice email at christopher.l.collins@gmail.com. Here I am on facebook where I will gladly accept your request for friendship. I do all my best work on instagram. I still miss vine a lot. I've pretty much abandoned my twitter. For an incomplete list of social networks I have joined and subsequently abandoned, click here.